Today’s Readings: Romans Ch7 v 15-25a Matthew Ch11 v 16-19; 25-end



Gracious Father,
by the obedience of Jesus
you brought salvation to our wayward world: draw us into harmony with your will,
that we may find all things restored in him, our Saviour Jesus Christ.



Our Family Prayers

Please pray for...

Brian & Audrey Roberts as Brian has to isolate for 3 months

Easing of Jean Brook's rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and for an increase in mobility

Christopher Henderson

Judy Foster who is awaiting a shoulder operation and is in a lot of pain

Terry Holden who is waiting for a knee operation.

For our children & young people

Ian Byfield and Ian’s sister Jean as the family come to terms with the sad loss of Jean’s son Nick

Christine and Charles Henderson at the loss of Christine’s brother Michael

Paddy and Linda Lovett as Paddy has to isolate for 3 months

Maureen and Michael Carroll and family

Monika working on the frontline as an anaesthetist and her family and friends



Notice Sheet

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Need to talk?

Steve will be available for anyone struggling to cope via the Church Office. Either email:

or ring: 01422 353103 between 9:00-13:00


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Joint Statement from Archbishops
of Canterbury and York

Recent events in the United States of America have once again drawn public attention to the ongoing evil of white supremacy. Systemic racism continues to cause incalculable harm across the world. Our hearts weep for the suffering caused – for those who have lost their lives, those who have experienced persecution, those who live in fear. God’s justice and love for all creation demands that this evil is properly confronted and tackled. Let us be clear: racism is an affront to God. It is born out of ignorance, and must be eradicated. We all bear the responsibility and must play our part to eliminate this scourge on humanity.

As Dr Martin Luther King Jr said, “In a real sense, we are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Therefore, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We pray that God’s abounding wisdom, compassion and love will guide leaders across the world to forge a better society.

Please join the wider church in prayer for those who have lost loved ones due to systematic fascism, Please pray with the Archbishop of York and Canterbury for God’s wisdom, compassion, and love for leaders across the world to forge a better society.