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Family Business

...a few words about our theme this Autumn...

From the very beginning of creation we see God creating a wonderful world, but the pinnacle of that creation was human kind, created to be company for each other and to be wise and caring stewards of what God had made.

For most of us, we first see how much God has loved us through our families. In Bible times and in fact, up to more recent times, family meant ‘extended family’, all those who connected together or lived and worked together in some shape or form.

Recently – in terms of history – families have become nuclear and much smaller, often separated by distance and by breakdown. It’s not easy to put ‘humpty together again’, although there are encouraging signs of this happening, as communities struggle to over - come isolation and loneliness.

As part of God’s Church, All Saints’ Halifax is working on becoming ‘God’s Family on Mission’, which means knowing God loves us as his family and sharing that love with our community and friends. This term we’ll be looking at ‘Family Business’, or what it means in detail for Christians to commit to being part of God’s answer to the needs of the world.

Every one of us is called to make a difference, as some graffiti on the Berlin Wall put it – ‘Many small people, who in many small places, so many small things, can alter the face of the world.’ It’s easier to make that difference together.

Come along to All Saints’ this term, learn about your place in the family, and help us to make  a difference to a needy world.

Your friend in Christ,