Vicar’s Letter for Autumn 2017

If you’re anything like me, you may have felt you came to the party a bit late, after reading about an event  that scientists are reporting, happened 130million years ago.

This science changing event was the collision of two super dense stars that have literally ‘rocked the fabric of the universe’ and distorted space time. Actual gravitational waves have reached us here on earth and astronomers have been able to see the violent blast from so long ago.

The claim is that the collision of the two stars will greatly help us to understand the beginnings of our universe. Who’d have thought it?  It sounds more like the universe of Doctor Who than real science that contacts and improves our lives. That being said, the experts are saying that this event is a significant new chapter in astro-physics.

Thinking about new chapters and significant events, I wonder if you’ve ever heard of a bible prophet called Isaiah. He said this about 700 BC – “Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” Isaiah was speaking about a great event that was coming that would be world changing – arguably more important and world changing than the colliding stars.

Funnily enough, this earlier world changing event had a strong connection to a star.... a very unusual star, that led some seekers after truth – ancient  astronomers –  to travel a great  distance to seek revelation. But that’s a story that I’ll return to in a couple of months.

At All Saints’, we like to think we too are seekers after truth, people who want to know more about our world, how it began, how it should live fairly and well, and maybe even what will become of it in future days. If you’d like some friends to ‘do life with’, and ask difficult questions and maybe find some answers, then come along. See what we offer – you won’t be coming to the party late, you’ll be coming at just the right time for you!

Your friend in Christ


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