Vicars Letter, Summer 2018

Just a few thoughts as we head into the wedding season, 2018, when blue skies and fresh hope will be the order of the day (I know it’s been snowing down south and the thermometer has been near zero) but stay with me.

My mind has been particularly on a wonderful young couple due to be married in August. I’ve known the bride to be since she was about fourteen. It’s going to be my pleasure and honour to preside at the wedding as a family friend. However, I couldn’t resist thinking of one or two comments I’d read from young children on the subject of romance, love and marriage – ‘out of the mouths of babes they say’. One little girl aged 8 summed up the romance of dating like this –

‘When a person gets kissed for the first time, they fall down for at least one hour...

High expectations, then, no pressure on the groom! Another, slightly more ‘knowing’ little girl of nine, came up with this world weary observation –

‘Beauty is only skin deep, but how rich you are can last for a long time.’

All very perceptive and thought provoking, but not as helpful an insight as a line from the Anglican service, where marriage is spoken of as a ‘way of life that a couple enter into, that requires sacrificial commitment from both partners’.

Love is very powerful and I believe we’re designed for love in its widest and deepest sense and funnily enough the one human being who truly showed us what love is, wasn’t married, but he sure was committed to all men and women. With that (and marriage) in mind I give the last word to the wisdom of scripture –

‘Think hard about who you will be closest to, because they will be the primary shapers of who you will become’ (Proverbs 13: 20)

Have a wonderful and blessed summer season,

Your friend in Christ,


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