Epiphany and the New Year!

‘... the Star they had seen in the East guided them to Bethlehem. It went ahead of them and stopped over the place the child was.’ - Matt. 2.

The Wise men, or three Kings, came onto the scene slightly later in the life of Jesus than the first Christmas in Bethlehem.... probably some months after his birth.

Squabbling over the details of the story from St. Matthew’s Gospel – were they Kings or scholars? What countries did they come from? Was there really a special Star – all miss the point.

The real question, as New Year begins to roll out before us, should be, have we set out on the journey to meet the King who will outshine and out-act all other kings?

Usually, New Year is a time to set new resolutions, dream of new developments in our lives. That’s all to the good, but if we fail to add detail to the dreams and assess our progress, we’re likely to get lost in the desert.

According to the bible, the Wise Men had carefully studied the movements of the stars and probably knew a great deal about Jewish prophecy. Informed and faithful, they followed the star, and sought further information from the  Chief Priests in Jerusalem. They did all they could to make sure their long journey to worship the ‘new born King of the Jews’, wasn’t in vain.

Their journey wasn’t wasted, on finding him we read that they were ‘filled with joy... bowed down and worshipped him.’ The Wise Men were faithful and talented Navigators – better than any Sat Nav yet invented.

You may have heard it said that ‘Wise Men still seek Jesus’, and that is true. At All Saints’ we’re on that journey together – ‘Meeting God with Family and Friends’. Why don’t you join us in 2020?

Your Friend in Christ,  Steve.


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