Keep Calm it's Summer Time!

‘Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?’

Isaiah 43.19, The Message Translation.


Just recently I received an email from a young couple asking that All Saints’ would pray for them (recently married!) that God would look after them and help them to develop their relationship together. I was genuinely blessed by the request because this request was wise, thoughtful and.... timely.

Timely, because they were taking nothing for granted, but rather were preparing for the future in a prayerful but realistic fashion, before anything goes wrong. They were alert to their blessings, but not taking them for granted.
Things may be OK today, especially as we move into the summer months, with holidays and good weather in our minds. There’s outdoor sports to enjoy, long and light days, picnics and sunshine to share with family and friends. What’s there not to enjoy?

Well, rainy days come to mind, and we can’t be on holiday for ever – real life comes with all sorts of challenges, and God intends many of them to be to our advantage, to keep us on our toes and learning to trust him and keep him in the loop of our lives.

There’s so much more to life than many of us expect or know. When Jesus burst into the scene in Palestine 2000 year ago, he fulfilled all Old Testament expectations. God had arrived in human form. From that point on, life could hold so much more for all of us.

Jesus told us that life in all its abundance was available to us, if we were prepared to ask and get involved with him. That’s where I came in, with the request from the young couple above, they were wise to get God involved in the summer down time, so that they’ll know he’s involved when the rainy, tougher times of life come round.

How much better is it to say – ‘Father God would you come into my life today?’ rather than reach a situation where we find our self saying – ‘God, why did you let this happen...?’

At All Saints’, our vision is to ‘Meet God with Family and Friends’, that means to be in an open and loving relationship with God, our Church Family, and all who feel the need to come along and get to know us, and share what God is sharing with His Church. Try All Saints’ church this summer, God just may be doing something new in your life!

Your Friend in Christ, Steve.


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