CICS to visit on the 3rd September

In 2002 Calderdale Christians from a range of different denominations set up a charitable trust so that workers could be employed to support schools in the effective communication and education of the Christian faith and to be an encouragement and support for Christian young people as they live out their faith. Many of our own young people have benefited from the support of the CICS workers.

All Saints’ Church as well as several individuals and families have been generous supporters since the very beginning.
Some may remember Tony Buck who we were privileged to have full-time for 9 years. Neil Harris – the senior worker – took over in November 2015. He works half time for CICS and is also a Pastor in Keighley. He was later joined by Rev. Nancy White and Angie Stradling , both of whom work 6 hours for CICS. Together they aim to build up a pool of volunteers to work alongside them.

Rosemary Wright, who has been the administrator for CICS since 2002, is coming to the Family Service on September 3rd to bring us up to date on how the work has developed so far and hopes for the future.

For more information please see the notice board or contact Alethea Earnshaw or Irene Briggs.


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