The almost secret story!

Welcome to All Saints’ web site... with a Christmas tinge! The shops are full of Christmas paraphernalia, Noddy Holder’s famous song is blasting out once again, and you may already be tiring of the whole business. 

That would be a shame, because Christmas is about so much more than an expensive extravaganza. There is an almost secret story that runs underneath the surface, and at the beginning, only a few agricultural workers,  three semi-refugees, a publican, a builder and a house-wife were in on it.

It’s like God quietly entered the world, no rush, very little noise (apart from the Angels!) and began to show us how to be the fully formed human beings that we were created to be.

The secret story was difficult for people to grasp, God didn’t make it easy.  Jesus was no five minute wonder - a sort of ancient television celebrity. It’s still a story that we have to seek out for ourselves, and you can do just that over the next few weeks at All Saints’.

Have a look at the programme for December, and see if there is something you would like to attend. That just might be the beginning for you, of a much richer, and more satisfying Christmas 2018.


With every blessing


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