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So how’s the New Year going for you so far?

Most Vicar’s love Christmas and its joyful services ….. but can get a little tired of singing well know carols for 4-6 weeks!

This year however, I’ve found myself humming tunes, quietly and singing words after Christmas! What’s that about?
It boils down to a very busy Parish Christmas and lots of new family occasions following weddings, the birth of our first grandchild and somewhere deep inside I feel I’ve missed Christmas and the chance to truly appreciate the wonderful depth of God’s involvement in our world and my very own life.

In retrospect how do you feel about your Christmas?  Did you miss it, in the gallop to the shops, the parties and so forth?  Well, the story has begun, the babies arrived, but there’s still time to get involved in that story yourself.  Three wise visitors turned up after his birth and brought their gifts.  They were amongst the first non-Jews to recognise something special when they saw it.

Jesus’ birth was so special that it was the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of the world.  This was God doing an Einstein, who famously said – ‘we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’  The three wise men saw God’s wisdom in his new thinking, King Herod on the other hand, with his old ideas of Kingship, didn’t see the issue.

So how’s the New Year going for you so far?  Are you still answering the questions and problems of your life with the same thinking that created them?  How about trying to find a new approach?  Come along to All Saints’ over the next few weeks and catch up with the story – His-story – that took a whole new direction over Christmas.

Don’t repeat the carols unlike me!  and don’t repeat the thinking that caused the problem in the first place.  There’s a new story in town.

Your friend in Christ