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Steve's Letter - Son of God

Tuesday 18th March 2014 7:50 PM

There's a new film out for Easter, it's called 'The Son of God'.

It's a chance in the next few weeks to consider the extraordinary life of a man born over 2,000 years ago in a backwater called Bethlehem. There's a clue in the name, it means 'house of Bread', something good is going to come from there. It was also the birthplace of King David who took on the giant Goliath. Jesus too, would take on giants, the giants that threaten us all and keep many in our world oppressed - selfishness, greed, ignorance fear, and many other human failings.

It was said by the Prophet Micah that the Messiah (God's anointed) would be born in Bethlehem and that he would rule over Israel, but there were many 'wannabe Messiah's' around at the time of Jesus, and the truth is we all have to decide for ourselves who this man is. Yet it is a historically verifiable fact that Jesus died on a Cross outside Jerusalem, and that he believed his death would somehow be God's act of love that would draw men and women to himself and rescue them from sin and death.

Again, we have to decide what we believe regarding this claim, but I believe Jesus died for love. It was his choice to lay down his life for all people, not Herod's, the Chief Priests or Caesars. Such selfless love surely deserves a thoughtful look.... watch the film, or better still read the book!
Here's an idea.. there's a reflective season before Easter called Lent.

See the trailer for the film here:

Why not use it (it's about six weeks) to make some enquiries? Watch the film, read Mark's Gospel in the Bible, better still, come along to church, meet some people, ask about joining the Alpha course (a place for interested people to ask the big questions of life).

I'll leave you with a couple of questions for you to think about over the next few weeks - what do you know about 'The Son of God'? What more would you like to know?

Your Friend in Christ,
Steve Lees.

PS. See the Alpha Course here.