Doreen Whitaker

Small Group

Doreen Whitaker

Weekly on Wednesdays at 7.30pm

We alternate between members' homes

Our original group of eight was formed five years ago as a result of growth into a very large group led by Sheila and Eric Sharp. We have bonded well as a group, grown in number, and feel comfortable about sharing our innermost thoughts and problems freely in a loving and confidential environment.

Welcome and a short time of prayer and worship, usually three songs and prayers. We all feel music to be an essential element of our worship. We love to sing! This is followed by a time of study lasting approximately one hour, but can go on a bit longer on occasion!
The study leads us into half-an-hour of intercession, when members are invited to share any concerns. This is in addition to praying for the needs of our church, our vicar and family, our parish and the world, and for anyone known to us who is sick. We close with the prayer of The Grace. There then follows a time of fellowship and refreshments.

We encourage those members who feel comfortable to share in the leading of our studies, but no-one is under pressure to do so. The planning of the music and worship is shared among the group.

We are currently working through Adrian Plass's "Yorkshire Pudding" series.

We have from time to time used commentaries from authors such as Tom Wright, Philip Yancy, John Stott, Donald English, F F Bruce, J John et al to help us in our studies. All members of the group are involved in the decision making regarding subsequent studies.

Betty has personal copies of several Lifebuilder Study books including Fruits of the Spirits, Genesis, Self-Esteem. Decisions, Prayer, Angels; also copies of the following, which she would be happy to loan out to any interested group including : Hard Sayings of Jesus (F F Bruce), Angels (Billy Graham), The Message of Mark (Donald English), Calling Christian Leaders (John Stott).

We have recently studied a series of tapes from New Wine 2008 by speakers Gregg Haslem and Simon Ponsonby, and our current study is from the Lifebuilder series entitled Peter - learning to be like Jesus.

We are very flexible, and when the need arises we will defer our planned study and concentrate on the needs of one of our group in special need of support and prayer.
From time-to-time we intersperse our studies with an informal evening and are led by the spirit in fellowship, prayer and worship. Before breaking for the 6-week summer holiday period we have an informal meeting with a bring & share supper. In December we have a festive party before breaking for Christmas to which guests are invited.

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