Scouting Groups

by Colin Parker

Scouting is this year celebrating its 100th Birthday. It is the largest co educational movement in the world with currently over 26 million members worldwide. Over 600,000 of these members are in the UK. Boys and girls from six years old onwards are able to join in a structured training programme covering a wide range of activities.

This year saw the World jamboree held in the UK with nearly 40,000 young people attending the event from all over the world. You may have seen the TV coverage on 1st August. In fact more nations were represented at this event than have ever been represented at a single Olympic games. Scouting really is about having fun and learning a few new skills along the way. I always try to give the young people who pass through the group a wide range of experiences which they might not otherwise have enjoyed, and which they can develop in later life.

A simple fact, that Scouting likes to remind us of all the time, is that eleven of the twelve men to stand on the moon were Scouts!

At All Saints', the following groups meet:

  • Beavers: aged 6-8years, Thursday 6.30pm - 7.30pm; for boys and girls
  • Cubs: aged 8-10.5 years, Monday 6.15pm - 7.30pm; for boys and girls our email address for more info is
  • Scouts: aged 10.5-14 years meet Monday 7.45 - 9.15 for boys and girls
  • Explorers: 14 - 18 year olds, Monday 7.45pm - 9.30pm for boys and girls .

Each section wears a standard uniform of either a sweat shirt or shirt together with a group neckerchief. All sections make a simple promise dependent upon their age.

Meetings typically use the following format:

Each starts with a simple opening ceremony, which is followed by games and various programme activities, designed to help them gain various badges and awards. The meetings finish with a simple closing ceremony. More details of badges and awards can be found on the Scout Association Website - , this website will also link you in to scouting in general and will answer any other questions you might have. As a group we have very little contact with the church, a few members do attend the family service in uniform. However, due to my many other roles, I find it very difficult to attend myself. This year has been slightly pressured due to the centenary celebrations, but in general the following activities are usually available to each section over the year in addition to the weekly meetings.


I intend to run both a Beaver trip and hold a Beaver Sleepover (stay a wake over) before the end of the current year. The Beavers also visit Hebden Hey each year for an activity day when the cubs are away on Pack Holiday Cubs.

  • Pack holiday weekend at Hebden Hey - May
  • District Cub camp - May
  • District cub trip - June - this year we went to Light Water Valley
  • District Pack Holiday weekend - Oct

Next year I believe the cubs are having a battle of the Roses camp with a group from Preston ( Paul & Louise's old Pack)


generally the following activities are run:

  • Youth Hostel trip - January
  • Weekend Camp - March
  • Survival camp - Spring bank 2008 - this will involve camping without tents or pans
  • July / Aug - summer camp. in 2007 we camped at Walesby Scout campsite with approx 2,500 campers to celebrate the 100th Birthday.

Next year we will be attending a larges International Camp in Lincoln with approx 5,000 campers. These events offer a wide range of activities - if you want to see details re this search for the website 'Poacher 2008'.

  • Aug / Sept - this year I ran 2 two-day expeditions as part of the scout training programme and as practice for the Duke Of Edinburgh Award when the scouts are old enough.
  • Sept - hostel weekend at our local hostel
  • Oct - District weekend on the theme of Radio communication
  • Dec - Winter Chiller Camp

Additionally, Scouts have the opportunity to take part in both climbing and canoeing courses run by Calderdale Council. Next year I hope there will be sufficient interest to run a potholing course.


due to lack of adult help, Explorers are involved in the same activities as Scouts, although they are also working towards their Duke Of Edinburgh Awards.

Finally, I should like to add that the group is desperate for more adult help, especially with Beavers and Scouts. As I am also District Commissioner for Halifax District Scouts, my time is extremely full with district matters. This limits the amount of time I am able to devote to these sections. It would be excellent if we could find a few adults willing to give up a couple of hours a week to help with the running of the various sections and so help to take the strain off the current leaders . No real skills are required, other than a sense of humour and a willingness occasionally to get either a bit wet or mucky! There is training available to those to want to be involved in a more pro-active way, especially first aid training, but don't let that put you off, as this is not difficult.


If you feel you can help please don't hesitate to speak to one of the section contacts, details are as follows:

Beavers, Scours & Explorers: Colin Parker 01422 247451 email

Cubs: Paul & Louise Wilkinson 07986161368 email

If you would like to discuss Scouting then please don't hesitate to give me a ring.

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