Small Group

Group Name: Shalom (absolutely nothing whatever to do with rails!)

Our group has 9 members who meet on alternate Mondays from 7.45-10.00p.m. at various members' houses. All of the group have been Christians for some time but everyone is at a different place in their journey and we all want to learn and develop.

Our meetings generally follow a pattern comprised of worship; a study of some kind, either directly from the Bible or via a DVD or other type of text; then prayer. Time for refreshments and chat is also important. Currently, we are studying 'A Journey with friends: exploring community', a six part course from Scripture Union by Kate Hayes.

The different parts of the meeting are led by different members of the group on a rota basis so everyone who wishes to takes some responsibility for a part of the evening but no one is obliged to do this. Meetings are always flexible and the content can change as we feel it to be necessary.

In cluster terms we would like to be involved in reaching out to older people. At present various members are involved in ministry with elderly people, taking home communions, home visiting, hosting coffee mornings, and as a group we are preparing a Christmas service for residents at Copley Mill House.

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