Way Off The Rails

Small Group

David & Wilma MacGregor
Tel: 01422 320097

Our small group came out of the Alpha course a year or two ago. The make up of the group is that slightly over half of the us are relatively young (in the faith) Christians, and the rest have been on the journey longer. In terms of age, we range from 30(ish) to retired, with the majority under 50. We meet fornightly on Tuesday evenings (7:30 - 10:00pm approx) during term times.
Typically our meetings start with an icebreaker, and then have a mixture of worship, Bible study and prayer, finishing with coffee and chat. This term we are starting a seris of studies in the book of Ephesians, using material produced by Tom Wright, the bishop of Durham. When studying the Bible, one of our main aims is understand how the passage in question impacts upon our daily lives.

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