VID Community Cluster

VID is a group of like minded people from church who promote the following

Social Action in Skircoat & Copley:

  • Litter Pick & Weeding
  • To promote Social Action i.e. local people volunteering to help each other
  • Pray for your streets - Prayer walks
  • Promote PRAYERNET in the community - e.g. can we pray for you?
  • Promote Skircoat & Copley in Bloom

Young Family community events:

  • Light Party
  • Good Friday Happening
  • Christmas Events

Future ideas - (building links with the community)
1. Community Car Wash
2. Community table top sale (for charity)
3. Weeding our streets


VID Life Groups - these small groups meet weekly in various homes.

Pause - young adult discipleship
Cell Leaders: Richard & Sammi Mullen

Start - for young Christians (whatever your age) learning to follow Jesus
Cell Leaders: George & Jackie Smith

supported in prayer by Doreen Whitaker’s small group