All Saints' Church, Halifax

View from the Pew

View from the Pew

Members of the Congregation write about how they are living through the rigours and consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here is Sarah Frank’s  View from the Pew.  24.01.2021


Although the last 11 months or so have been unusual for us – we have also many blessings to count. We have appreciated that our children are old enough to entertain themselves (for a bit), and with four of us in the house it is not often quiet! Although I  often wish for a moment of peace, I know many people are finding this time very lonely, and again am thankful.

We’ve certainly been on more walks; and enjoyed the beauty of creation. There is such a lot of lovely scenery around us. The lack of structured activities weekends has meant I have learnt to bake bread – which I’ve never made time to before. It gives me a bit of a purpose for the day! I’ve also have made pitta breads – which were much quicker – and made me think of the Israelites Exodus from Egypt.

The children have had a mixture of school and home-schooling; although school have got a good system in place for home-schooling for this third lockdown, it has still been really hard for us to attempt to work full time and coerce the kids into completing their work on ‘home-school’ days. We’ve come to the conclusion that we can only try our best and try not to get too stressed about it.

Our house group has continued to meet on Zoom throughout the lockdown(s) – which I think everyone is used to now, and it’s great to keep on with the connection to others at church, keep on studying in a routine, and learning from and supporting each other. We’ve appreciated the effort the leaders have taken to keep this going.

We also have valued the family services – although it is certainly odd being in church so spaced out and unable to sing. The children do struggle to sit still – although I know that no one minds if they wriggle a bit. The children also struggle to sit still through video calls – I’ve realised I don’t do terribly well at online church services either (perhaps that is where the kids get it from…)– so have liked being able to read the transcript of the weekly sermon in the newsletter.

I enjoyed helping organise the Christmas Nativity trail – it actually felt relatively normal to be planning a Christmas community activity – even though it had to be fitted to the restrictions at the time.  I think being able to keep going with the normal seasons of things has helped us.

I had a very positive day a few weeks back while working in the covid vaccine clinic at HRI – I had my first dose of the covid vaccine – it reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to when we are back to normal and we can see you all in person.