All Saints' Church, Halifax


Towards Reopening

The situation with the Covid Pandemic is still very fluid. The Leadership Team have had to weigh many considerations in arriving at a plan and even now many things remain uncertain but still have to be taken into account. The Church of England’s advice is based on trying to ensure as many people as possible feel safe while worshipping in churches. Here is what the Leadership Team have decided after much prayer and thought and we look to the congregation to be supportive as situations unfold. Please read carefully.

  • Because of the large number of vacancies in the Deanery, holidays and sickness, it has been impossible to engage a priest to take Communion for the first two Sundays in August.
  • Therefore, we will not be restarting our 9am service until August 15th. This service will be entirely said for the time being so that we offer worship for those who are concerned about the potential dangers of singing. This will be reviewed from September based on Government and Church advice and the local situation.
  • Socially distanced seating will still be available in the South Aisle.
  • The 10.30 service will be Morning Worship from August 1st with similar seating arrangements.
  • During August music at 10.30 will continue to be provided by video. We hope to start live music in September. Singing will be allowed in August.
  • Once a month at 10.30, Communion will be offered. This will be on August 22 and October 17 to start with.
  • Entry into church will continue to be through the corridor after registration and sanitising hands. Exit will continue to be through the lounge. Refreshments will not be served after the 10.30 service during August.
  • We ask the congregation to make their way out promptly and enjoy conversations in a distanced way.
  • We are recommending that masks be worn but there is an option not to wear a mask for all the service.
  • After much debate we have decided to continue bread only distribution in a distanced manner.
  • Online services will continue in a reduced form as we explore ways of broadcasting the 10.30 service live.

There was much concern among the Leadership Team about the current rate of Covid infections and we have spent much time working out just how much we can open in these circumstances. Other church activities are under review weekly. Meanwhile much activity continues.

Ian Byfield PCC Vice Chair

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