Charity Giving

We would love to support so many charities as a church – but have decided to choose 6 each year: a mix of local, national and international.

There are separate pages attached to this page, from the Home menu, which give further details and weblinks for each charity we are currently supporting. We also support Christian Aid‘s annual fundraising week and individual member’s of the congregation support their chosen charities. There are so many worthwhile causes to support.

Charity Support 2024

Christian Aid and Tearfund’s period of support came to an end in December 2023, and nominations were received from members of the congregation for two charities to support for three years from 2024. Christian Aid and Tearfund could be re-nominated.

The PCC voted on the nominations and the two charities chosen were: Embrace the Middle East and the St. Augustine’s Centre.

Embrace supports Christian partners in the Middle East as they work to transform lives and restore the dignity of the most excluded and marginalised communities. Where there is a need – for refuge, a home, health care , education, justice or human rights- they, with their partners, respond.

St. Augustine’s Centre is a local charity supporting asylum seekers and refugees who are rebuilding their lives in Calderdale.

Charity Support 2023

The following 6 charities have been chosen for our support as a church this year.