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Charity Giving

Charity Support 2024

Christian Aid and Tearfund’s period of support came to an end in December 2023, and nominations were received from members of the congregation for two charities to support for three years from 2024. Christian Aid and Tearfund could be re-nominated.

The PCC voted on the nominations and the two charities chosen were: Embrace the Middle East and the St. Augustine’s Centre.

Embrace supports Christian partners in the Middle East as they work to transform lives and restore the dignity of the most excluded and marginalised communities. Where there is a need – for refuge, a home, health care , education, justice or human rights- they, with their partners, respond.

St. Augustine’s Centre is a local charity supporting asylum seekers and refugees who are rebuilding their lives in Calderdale.

Request for Nominations (end of 2023)

As a church we are committed to giving away 10% of our income to charities.  Over the last few years we have been supporting 10 charities in this way.  They have included: CPAS, Bible Society, CICS, Hand to Mouth, CART, St Augustine’s, Karios, Open Door, Tearfund and Compassion. 

The PCC decided that from 2023 we would partner with 6 charities, covering international, national and local concerns.  We would commit to each agreed charity for 3 years, with an annual opportunity for the congregation to nominate and the PCC to decide.  

Each year 2 charities are removed (but can be renominated), to allow for anyone in the congregation to nominate a charity.  Then, in January, the PCC will choose two new charities, which we will continue to support for 3 years.  It’s a difficult decision for the PCC, as there are so many good causes we could support, so the more information you can provide the better.

This year, 2024, Christian Aid and Tearfund will be automatically removed from our list. 

If you would like to nominate (or re nominate) any charity, please do fill in a nomination form and return it to the church office by the deadline.

By nominating a charity for All Saints PCC to consider supporting, we’re hoping that you will help us build a strong connection with them.   As the PCC vote, your name will be removed from the application to help prevent any bias. 

The form is available in the foyer, via email from the office ([email protected]) or download it here: charity nomination e form Dec 23

Please return it to the church office when completed, by hand or email. Deadline is Thursday 4th January 2024

Charity Support 2023

The following 6 charities have been chosen for our support as a church this year.