Our Vision

Our mission is to create disciples, encourage Christian community & extend the kingdom of God

By developing the characteristics of a healthy church so we will …….

Have loving relationships with practical lived out love, for example we will invite each other to meals, be complimentary and show generosity to each other

  • We will have empowering leadership all our leaders will concentrate on growing and empowering other Christians for ministry
  • Our functional structures will promote growth e.g. the multiplication of small groups
  • We will encourage gift orientated ministry helping everyone recognise their God given ministries and to use them to build up the Body of Christ
  • We will develop a needs – orientated evangelism – our church will focus its’ evangelistic efforts on the questions and needs of none Christians
  • We will support our holistic small groups -that meet together for fellowship, sharing the Bible, worshiping its creator and serving His mission to the world. We expect then that our small groups will multiply
  • We will demonstrate passionate spirituality – People will see that the Christians in our church are living committed and joyful lives in the service of Christ

We will have inspiring worship services – our services will be inspiring experience for those that attend. People will say that going to church is fun because they will see that the inspiration comes from God